This activity is based around playing a game of Bingo with your learners!  It is one of the many activities included in our Easter Lesson Pack and can be used as a one-hour lesson or even a café-style activity.   The Easter pack itself has enough resources and ideas for 2-3 hours so is well worth the purchase and is sold as a downloadable pdf file for you to print out as you need. Of course, in one lesson you will only have time to give the bare facts of the Easter story and it would be a shame if that was all you were to do.  At 2:19 we encourage you to find and use every opportunity to share with your learners what this story means for us.  We want to be able to explain the significance for Christians of the death of Jesus and his resurrection and how it changes our lives and fills us with hope and peace.

Lesson Plan

Topic: Easter story

Level: Elementary/pre-intermediate

Resources: Easter story extract, Bingo grids and list of Bingo words, realia from extract.

In this lesson learners will: (aims)

*learn some vocabulary from the Easter story

*learn/identify verbs in the Easter story

*practise listening skills as they play a Bingo game

*practise storytelling skills as they re-tell the Easter story


Lesson plan Please click here for lesson plan

Bingo grids for students Please click here to access the bingo grids