What’s your name? What does it mean?

This is a great way to begin a class activity that leads into talking about Christmas and the names of Jesus at Christmastime.

Everyone has a name. Some people may know the meanings of their names. Some cultures choose names specifically for their meanings. Your discussion on names can take as long as you choose it to depending on your learners. At Christmas Jesus becomes our Immanuel, our Christ. These are his names. He saves, he is with us and he is our king.

The Good Book Company have created a small leaflet called The Christmas Name Game which can easily be used as a basis for a Christmas lesson and adapted for whichever level you teach. Buy one for yourself and buy more to give out when we can eventually do so!

There are three short pieces of text about the Christmas story that you can use from this tract to share with your learners and each one is followed by a de-coding game. This involves learners guessing vocabulary from pictures. They take the first letter from each picture and use it towards working out three names of Jesus. You could easily pop this game onto a slide for an online lesson.

Everyone loves to be called by their name and be remembered when being introduced for the first time. Introduce your learners to the name and person ‘Jesus’ this Christmas.


Author: Alison Mitchell
Publisher: The Good Book Company
ISBN: 9781784980276