Support Our Work

Here’s how your gifts make such a difference to us!  If you would like to contribute to these needs please go here to give…

£158 will pay for a week’s consultancy and support delivered by our Lead Specialist for Church Based ESL Provision

£45 per week pays for the research and writing of the bi-monthly Resource newsletter to over 355 individuals in church based English language teaching

£1,350 pays for one person to train as a TESOL/CELTA teacher.

will buy three Bible study guides. Our Outreach and Bible Materials Specialist assesses these resources in terms of their effectiveness in cross-cultural settings and suggests appropriate adaptations

£500 will provide a laptop for the new Lead Specialist.

£200 pays for the planning and production of a set of promotional materials e.g. a    short video for the website

£40 provides supplies and stationary for Two:Nineteen for a month

£115 pays for a week of Administration work – communication with supporters and those we support, managing policies, resources, meetings and more


£20 will provide a newly established language class with 5 boxes of Colloquy – an interactive card game which stimulates discussion and talking at all English levels.

£48 covers mileage for one return journey between London and Reading so that team members can work together once every two weeks.