Our vision

To see more local churches envisioned and equipped to reach out to and welcome in speakers of other languages, through the provision of English language classes and with the gospel of Jesus.

Our mission

To support churches in their English language outreach ministries by providing practical advice on setting up and running classes, producing high-quality English teaching and gospel outreach material, and offering training and support on cross-cultural communication and relationships.

Our values

  • Persuaded that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for people from every nation, culture and language
  • Convinced by the opportunities for cross-cultural outreach within our communities
  • Passionate about the need for English outreach classes and materials to be of a good quality and culturally sensitive
  • Committed to the local church as the community which bears the primary responsibility and privilege for the spread of the gospel
  • Excited by the riches that come to churches which reflect the cultural diversity of the communities in which they exist
  • Dependent on God in prayer to help us advise churches, prepare and produce materials and encourage cross-cultural missional thinking and practice