Being a volunteer on Zoom

We’ve all had a heck of a lot to get used to in the past year. Who knew that a pandemic could turn kitchen tables into school rooms, cause toilet roll anxiety, and bring a fresh understanding of Aretha Franklin’s hit ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who?’ And for our wonderful band of English conversation classes, up and… Read more »

The Christmas Name Game

What’s your name?  What does it mean? This is a great way to begin a class activity that leads into talking about Christmas and the names of Jesus at Christmastime. Everyone has a name.  Some people may know the meanings of their names.  Some cultures choose names specifically for their meanings.  Your discussion on names… Read more »

Ideas for the socially distanced classroom and online

Many of you are teaching English and doing outreach on zoom but some of you may have the privilege of actually being with real, live students albeit in a socially distanced and rather restricted environment.  Recently I attended a Cambridge Live Experience on zoom and I would like to share with you some ideas for… Read more »

Crossing Cultures with Jesus

I wish I’d read this book years ago. I certainly wish I’d read it before I repeatedly offered food to my friend, Ibrahim, who kept politely refusing! If only I’d read a book which pointed out how gaining ‘awareness of a few basic cultural differences that impact relationships (can) help us build trust more effectively’… Read more »

‘Art and Paintings’ – an online lesson plan for intermediate and higher level learners

Online Lesson Plan (Zoom) Topic: Art and Paintings              Level: Intermediate and above   Preparing your learners and helpers before the lesson: Suggest 5 famous pieces of art from the collection on the national gallery website (see resources) together with a worksheet which contains a table of categories. Learners choose… Read more »

‘Seasons’ – an online lesson plan for lower level learners

This lesson has been created by the 2:19 during the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time it isn’t clear when we will be able to teach again face to face so many churches have moved over to teaching online using video conferencing platforms. We hope this is useful for those who have made that transition. Online… Read more »

What does 2:19 look like in practice?

Hilary Nichols describes her experience leading an English language class, with the help of 2:19, in Highlands Village, North London. The surrounding area comprises lots of flats, with a diverse population. It has been difficult to reach into the community as most people live in closed flats. It is serviced by two large primary schools… Read more »

Top tips for online English teaching & iCafs

If this title reminds you how mindboggled and bamboozled you have felt recently by all this online stuff, stick with us as we try to de-code some of it for you.  Seldom has there been such an intense time of change and adaptation required as we are experiencing at the moment.  We are sure that… Read more »

Bingo! It’s an Easter lesson

This activity is based around playing a game of Bingo with your learners!  It is one of the many activities included in our Easter Lesson Pack and can be used as a one-hour lesson or even a café-style activity.   The Easter pack itself has enough resources and ideas for 2-3 hours so is well worth… Read more »