Caroline’s story: English classes in Croydon

Caroline Greaves shares with 2:19 some of the joys and challenges of running English classes in Croydon. When and how did you become interested in English Language teaching? I’ve been interested in English language teaching since doing a gap year with BMS World Mission in 2002, working on the ‘Circus of Hope’ in Brazil. This… Read more »

Jane’s story: Bible storytelling to lower level learners

Jane McNabb is based in Plumstead where her husband is pastor of Slade Evangelical Church. Jane is involved in English conversation classes based at the church and has experience of storytelling/Bible studies with lower-level English learners. You can hear the seminar that she lead at Forum 2016 on Bible storytelling here. Could you tell us… Read more »

Games for using the Easter cards

Looking for ways to use our Easter cards pack? Here are some more informal ideas, ideal for using in a café setting or at the end of a lesson to introduce the Easter story to your students. Memory Game As the Easter story contains some unusual words it might be worth introducing the vocabulary initially… Read more »

Presenting the Easter Story using pictures

Wondering how you can use the Easter story cards pack with your students? Here are some ideas to get you started… Pre-teaching – Presenting new vocabulary Using realia, present the vocabulary needed for the Easter story (e.g. toy handcuffs to represent ‘arrest’ or a rose to show the students what ‘thorns’ are). Where this is difficult,… Read more »

Natasha’s story: Running women-only English classes

Natasha from ‘Selam’ English school in Croydon chats with Marina about her group and what makes it special. Could you begin by giving us a brief description of your English School? We have been going since April 2014, when my friend Rachel and I set up the class.  We both have lived and worked abroad… Read more »

The Prodigal Prophet

The story of Jonah is perhaps among the most familiar in the whole Bible.   Jonah, a zealous, religious Israelite, who loves his people and his country, receives a calling from God to go and preach a message of repentance to a nation living in sin- to Israel’s very enemies.   We all know the… Read more »

Quench: Café Culture and Evangelism

This book is about finding ways of communicating truth to people in ways that they can relate to. The author states: ‘we don’t need to make the Bible relevant. It already is relevant. All we want to do is communicate the message of the Bible to people in their context’. If you’re considering ways that… Read more »

Teaching mixed-ability classes

One of the challenges that many of us face in teaching conversational English is how to manage a class of mixed abilities. How do we ensure that everyone is learning in such an environment? (Even if your class isn’t labelled as ‘mixed ability’, there is bound to be a range of abilities, backgrounds, learning experiences… Read more »

Migration, Muddle and Ministry

As Christians, what sense are we supposed to make of the current ‘migrant crisis’?   Whether we like it or not, and sometimes we don’t, people are on the move like never before…and most of them are coming to Europe. People are settling in our cities, our towns and our countryside, some seeking a better… Read more »

So to Speak

So you teach English to migrants? Firstly, your skills are invaluable and in great demand! Only this year, the government released a report which looked at the impact of community-based English language provision, and concluded that what you’re doing ‘increases English language ability and encourages wider social integration’. As teachers, we are already aware of… Read more »

Boggle cubes lined up to spell explore

Teaching Pronunciation – Top Tips

Why Bother with Pronunciation? If you’re not convinced about the merits of spending time on pronunciation, here are some reasons to start thinking about it… * It’s fun! It can be a moment of light relief in a lesson as students all have a go at making sounds which don’t come easily to them. *… Read more »