Book Reviews

The Prodigal Prophet

The story of Jonah is perhaps among the most familiar in the whole Bible.   Jonah, a zealous, religious Israelite, who loves his people and his country, receives a calling from God to go and preach a message of repentance to a nation living in sin- to Israel’s very enemies.   We all know the… Read more »

Quench: Café Culture and Evangelism

This book is about finding ways of communicating truth to people in ways that they can relate to. The author states: ‘we don’t need to make the Bible relevant. It already is relevant. All we want to do is communicate the message of the Bible to people in their context’. If you’re considering ways that… Read more »

So to Speak

So you teach English to migrants? Firstly, your skills are invaluable and in great demand! Only this year, the government released a report which looked at the impact of community-based English language provision, and concluded that what you’re doing ‘increases English language ability and encourages wider social integration’. As teachers, we are already aware of… Read more »