Lesson Ideas

Cubes with letters on them

Games for International Cafés

Small board and card games are great for a café setting. Recently many new games have been published which are quick to learn and play with simple rules. You can invite someone to plan with you and even if they are not fluent in English they can quickly get to grips and have fun. Likewise,… Read more »

Lessonstream – free resource site

If you’re looking for some fresh resources to inject your lessons with something different, you might want to take a look at Lessonstream, a website that features video clips for use in English lessons. The topics covered are diverse.  One clip shows a rabbit chomping on raspberries with the language point being present tenses while… Read more »

Online Easy English Bible and Commentary

If you’re involved in any way with using the Bible with English learners and you’re not aware of this website, please read on as it could be an invaluable tool! This website gives you free access to the EasyEnglish Bible which incredibly uses a vocabulary of only 1200 words.  Idioms, passives, split infinitives and other… Read more »