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Hong Kong Ready?

2:19 CEO, David Baldwin, has been ‘looking East’ and thinking about the latest wave of people ‘going West’ to settle in the communities around our local churches. “35,000 hongkongers apply to live in the UK under visa scheme” headlines a recent newspaper article.[1] Since the British National Overseas (BNO) scheme opened in January, ‘more than… Read more »


Do you like mysteries? Some people love them – some love setting them and others love solving them. Mysterion (μυστήριον – ‘mystery’) is used 28x in the New Testament and Paul accounts for 75% of these![1] Paul loves to talk about how amazing the gospel is and how nobody could ever have expected it. He… Read more »

Understanding the Chinese Worldview – by David Baldwin

Scenario from 2019 Forum: Chinese worldview –     My non-Christian parents have always struggled with the fact that I am going into Christian ministry. On a recent family visit to an auntie’s house, the auntie mentioned that she’s practiced in Chinese numerology; fortune telling by birthdays. She offered to do me and before I could object my parents had already… Read more »

Interacting with our Hindu friends – by Dan Strange

When witnessing to our Hindu neighbours we can feel inadequate and ill-equipped. How might we engage in a way that naturally leads to Jesus. Here are some steps we might work through: 1. Enter – We need to take time to listen carefully to their worldview and understand what’s going underneath. One particular issue I’ve… Read more »

Hospitality and the Gospel Part 2 – by David

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen … Lessons from Hindus and Sikhs In yesterday’s Guardian was an article by Priya Basil, extolling the virtues of open hospitality and describing the all inclusive ‘communal kitchens’ that had blown her mind.[1] Sounds properly Christian, doesn’t it? But Priya Basil isn’t… Read more »

Hospitality and the Gospel – by David Baldwin

Have you ever rooted around at the back of an old medicine cabinet and discovered some archaic looking medicines they don’t seem to make anymore? Usually it goes straight in the bin, even if the bottle’s pretty, but just occasionally you might find something really potent, but sadly forgotten. The medicine I’ve just rediscovered, mouldering… Read more »