Speak Up

Encouraging interaction

Interaction (noun) /ˌɪntərˈækʃən/: A situation where two or more people or things communicate with each other or react to each other. Think about your day. How many times have you used language to interact with another human being? Family, postman, work colleagues, text messages, GP receptionist, social media, adverts, emails, teachers, shop assistant in supermarket,… Read more »

Teaching mixed-ability classes

One of the challenges that many of us face in teaching conversational English is how to manage a class of mixed abilities. How do we ensure that everyone is learning in such an environment? (Even if your class isn’t labelled as ‘mixed ability’, there is bound to be a range of abilities, backgrounds, learning experiences… Read more »

Migration, Muddle and Ministry

As Christians, what sense are we supposed to make of the current ‘migrant crisis’?   Whether we like it or not, and sometimes we don’t, people are on the move like never before…and most of them are coming to Europe. People are settling in our cities, our towns and our countryside, some seeking a better… Read more »

So to Speak

So you teach English to migrants? Firstly, your skills are invaluable and in great demand! Only this year, the government released a report which looked at the impact of community-based English language provision, and concluded that what you’re doing ‘increases English language ability and encourages wider social integration’. As teachers, we are already aware of… Read more »