Caroline’s story: English classes in Croydon

Caroline Greaves shares with 2:19 some of the joys and challenges of running English classes in Croydon. When and how did you become interested in English Language teaching? I’ve been interested in English language teaching since doing a gap year with BMS World Mission in 2002, working on the ‘Circus of Hope’ in Brazil. This… Read more »

Jane’s story: Bible storytelling to lower level learners

Jane McNabb is based in Plumstead where her husband is pastor of Slade Evangelical Church. Jane is involved in English conversation classes based at the church and has experience of storytelling/Bible studies with lower-level English learners. You can hear the seminar that she lead at Forum 2016 on Bible storytelling here. Could you tell us… Read more »

Games for using the Easter cards

Looking for ways to use our Easter cards pack? Here are some more informal ideas, ideal for using in a café setting or at the end of a lesson to introduce the Easter story to your students. Memory Game As the Easter story contains some unusual words it might be worth introducing the vocabulary initially… Read more »

Natasha’s story: Running women-only English classes

Natasha from ‘Selam’ English school in Croydon chats with Marina about her group and what makes it special. Could you begin by giving us a brief description of your English School? We have been going since April 2014, when my friend Rachel and I set up the class.  We both have lived and worked abroad… Read more »

Join Our Work by Giving

Here’s how your gifts make such a difference to us!  If you would like to contribute to these needs please go here to give… £158 will pay for a week’s consultancy and support delivered by our Lead Specialist for Church Based ESL Provision £45 per week pays for the research and writing of the bi-monthly Resource newsletter to over 355… Read more »