Dan Strange

Oak Hill College Director & Lecturer in Culture, Religion and Public Theology

Dan believes that within our British evangelical context, Christian worldview thinking does not come naturally to us. However, there is a whole world to claim for Christ and that is tremendously exciting as well as being vital evangelistically.

Dan’s speciality is in the area of Christianity’s relationship to other religions. One of his most recent books is For Their Rock is Not as Our Rock: An Evangelical Theology of Religions, which draws out what the Bible says that other religions are, and probes at how we might best engage with people from those backgrounds.

Before Oak Hill, Dan worked for UCCF and he is an elder at East Finchley Baptist Church. Dan is married to Elly and they have seven children. He’s also an ardent West Ham United football fan.

Dan’s mother is white English but his dad was an Indian Guyanese, who swapped his Hindu name, Persaud, for one he thought might help him better fit into UK life, rather randomly choosing the surname ‘Strange’. Dan grew up watching Saturday morning serialisations of the Bhagavad Gita, eating egg and potato curry and listening to sitar music.