Games for using the Easter cards

Looking for ways to use our Easter cards pack? Here are some more informal ideas, ideal for using in a café setting or at the end of a lesson to introduce the Easter story to your students.

Memory Game

As the Easter story contains some unusual words it might be worth introducing the vocabulary initially using the Memory Game.

  • Choose a number of items that relate to the pictures on the cards. For example, a piece of cloth (curtain), a coin (Judas’s betrayal), a cup or piece of bread (Last Supper), a pebble (stone in front of the tomb), several toy men/women somehow tied together (crowd), a picture of a soldier’s uniform (Pilate), a rose with thorns on it (crown of thorns), a small wooden or jewellery cross, a piece of toy road (Emmaus road).
  • Go through the items together and elicit (they may need to be told!) how they relate to the Easter story. Give them the words you want them to remember e.g. ‘curtain’ or ‘tomb stone’ and explain their place in the Easter story.
  • Split the guests into groups of three or four and tell them they will have a minute to look at the items before they are covered up. At that point, guests have to work together to come up with as many as possible.


This is a way of reinforcing the vocabulary needed.

  • Split the group into teams.
  • As each member of the team goes up to be told the word they need to draw, they are shown a picture as well as the word written out and spoken aloud to them. This ensures they know what they are drawing and which word they are expecting to hear from their teammates!


  • Give the café guests the picture cards (in groups of three or four) and ask them to sequence them as they think best
  • Go through the story together at the end

Don’t stop there!

This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone on the team to explain what the Easter story means to him or her and why. Why is Jesus’ death and resurrection so significant?