Lessonstream – free resource site

If you’re looking for some fresh resources to inject your lessons with something different, you might want to take a look at Lessonstream, a website that features video clips for use in English lessons.

The topics covered are diverse.  One clip shows a rabbit chomping on raspberries with the language point being present tenses while another clip shows a salt-shooting gun for killing bugs!  The latter is used to talk about business collocations!  Apart from one or two exceptions, the clips all come with detailed lesson plans and some also come with ready-to-use handouts.  The site also indicates which levels the videos and accompanying activities are appropriate for.

Lessonstream is run by English teacher and conference speaker Jamie Keddie, and he explains that the clips are designed to be used at the end of a lesson with lots of discussion and lead-up activities first.  This aims to create suspense and curiosity so that students are interested and learning lots of English without realising it.

Why not take a look at Lessonstream by clicking here and to understand more about the person and thinking behind the videos, click here.