English Language Classes

‘Bridges’ is 2:19’s model for church-based English language classes. It’s an approach which covers everything you need to set up and run a class, from advertising for students, training teachers, setting up your classroom, to preparing for cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship.

Many churches are already running ‘Bridges’-style classes in a range of different socio-economic and demographic settings. Every set-up begins and develops differently and we help churches to plan and deliver classes which are suited to their own particular contexts and capacity (encouraging, wherever possible, neighbouring churches to co-ordinate the timings of classes to best serve the needs of those in their communities).

In all this, we encourage churches to have a clear two-fold provision. Firstly, to deliver a high standard of English language teaching and, secondly, to plan, prepare and pray for opportunities to develop relationships and share the gospel of Jesus. We believe that ‘Bridges’ is a great way of doing both.

   English Language Cafés

iCafs are welcoming, warm and relaxed places in which English language learners (and their families) can meet with local church members over a cup of coffee, and talk, learn and deepen relationships.

The location of iCafs can vary. While many churches meet in a centrally located coffee shop, some choose to meet in their own church buildings and create a coffee-shop environment. Over a couple of hours in early evening there may be some fun games and ice-breakers (2:19 produces a range of helpful resources) to get people from different backgrounds chatting, laughing and conversing in English together. It’s a hugely rewarding and relatively simple way in which churches can reach out to English learners.

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We would love to support you in setting up and/or running your English language classes or cafés.

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