Online Easy English Bible and Commentary

If you’re involved in any way with using the Bible with English learners and you’re not aware of this website, please read on as it could be an invaluable tool!

This website gives you free access to the EasyEnglish Bible which incredibly uses a vocabulary of only 1200 words.  Idioms, passives, split infinitives and other linguistic features that might cause English learners angst (!) have been avoided.  In addition, you will find a whole host of Bible studies in simple English. Many of these go through a Bible book systematically while others are more thematic.  If you are introducing someone to a particular book of the Bible, you might also want to look at the ‘Bible Outlines’ section which gives a one-page summary of each Bible book.  If that’s not enough to tempt you, has produced commentaries which use a 2800-word vocabulary, and again, these are all available on the website.  These might be useful for gleaning simple ways of explaining concepts in a Bible study context or for a new believer trying to read the Bible in English by themselves.

This website and the materials found there have been developed by MissionAssist.  Wonderfully the resources are all free and printable.