About Forum

Why we exist

In 2009, five English teachers with backgrounds in mission met for lunch in Drayton Grove, London. It was from their conversation and their passion for equipping churches to reach out to other cultures that the structure for the first English Teaching and Outreach Forum emerged and, although the event has since moved to Reading and now back to London, that original passion remains at its core.

The members of the forum were acutely aware of the difficulties that language and culture can present when attempting to build relationships and share God’s word with other nationalities settled in the United Kingdom. In English Language teaching, however, they saw something that these people were hungry for, something that would genuinely improve the quality of their lives, and enable local churches to make contacts and build relationships.

Since then, the Forum has met to provide professional development for church based ESL teachers, while also inspiring and equipping them in their local friendship and outreach across cultures.

The Forum is attended by people from as far afield as Preston and provides a wonderful opportunity to network with like-minded people from across the country, as well as to develop teaching techniques and gain fresh inspiration and direction in how to handle the Bible over cultural divides.

In 2020, we have made a decision to take a year off of having a Forum. It is a year of big change for 2:19 and we hope to be able to set something up again in 2021.