English Teaching and Outreach Forum 2019

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Keynote Speaker

Foundations of Engagement: A biblical view of other religions and how to connect

What does the Bible make of other religions – what does it say they actually are and how should God’s people view them?


Bedrocks for East Asian Outreach

With a diverse range of beliefs in the Far East, sharing the gospel can be confusing. We unpack the basics…

Bedrocks for setting up classes or a café

A practical seminar on starting your own classes or iCaf.

Bedrocks for teaching pronunciation

Practical tools and fresh ideas for teaching pronunciation, beyond simple ‘listen and repeat’ activities.

Bedrocks for teaching higher level learners

New people join your group weekly, but some seem to be much more fluent. What do you do?

Bedrocks for telling God’s big story

Introduce people to the God who rules and reigns through imaginative storytelling…

Bedrocks for Volunteers

Explore how to serve as a volunteer or how to use volunteers more effectively in your team.