English Teaching and Outreach Forum 2018

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Main Talks

Storytelling – Moving forward in narrative

Story telling is universal; we all want to be able to tell our stories and listen to stories others want to tell us.

An extraordinary invitation to outsiders – Moving forward in gospel confidence

Understanding culture, context and the gospel often provide a healthy recipe for engagement.


My Muslim Neighbours – Moving forward with Muslim friends

Demonstrating Christ’s love – particularly with Muslim neighbours and friends in mind – and considering how conversations can move into eternal significance.

Resilience – Moving forward resolutely

“Keeping on” – Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight, neither do relationships through which God’s message in Christ can be effectively communicated. On one hand, long term fruit requires stickability in the growing, but too often we can border on the insane – repeating our actions while hoping for a different outcome. And what to… Read more »

The Resource Gang – Moving forward chatting

Using a kaleidoscope of ideas we hope to energise your conversational English language teaching. From paper to powerpoint, from inside the home to outside!

Older Learners – Moving forward in time

As our population ages we can expect an increasing number of older learners in our classes. How are they different, and how can we help them learn?

Inside Out – Moving forward into the community

How can we practically developing both English speaking skills and cross-cultural friendships in our local community?