Why iCaf?

The potential has always been there for iCaf to really grow and we have seen this first hand. Overseas people living in the UK are often lonely and need friends and opportunities to socialise. They love iCafs!


iCafs also provide a great forum for sharing the gospel, but not in a pushy way. For example, at the end of the session visitors are invited to stay and hear a five minute talk by one of the leaders, a personal testimony, a verse from the Bible or a simple encouragement. The guests all know that the leaders are from volunteers from local churches. Because they have got to know and trust us they always remain behind to listen, nobody leaves. Gospel seeds are planted every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and watered in the following months….


(We will soon be creating a starter pack for iCaf initiatives, in which we will share what we have learned and give ideas of how to set up similar initiatives in your area. Does your town centre need an iCaf ?)