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Needing a game to liven up your English class?

Wishing you had something in your bag to refresh a dwindling conversation?

‘Colloquy’ means ‘conversation’ – the use of speech for an informal exchange of views or ideas and that’s exactly what this pack enables students to do – make conversation. This pack of cards can be used with adult students learning English as a second language in a variety of settings.

The pack contains 4 sets of cards with 12 games and 25 discussion points for 1:1 or group classes:

  • Character (9 cards of different people and professions)
  • Culture (15 pictures of British cultural do’s & don’ts and 15 matching phrases)
  • Seasons (set of 8 cards, 2 different cards per season showing scenes for each season)
  • Idioms & Proverbs (on the back side of each card).

There are instruction cards included and all cards are colour coded according to level so they may be quickly and easily found in the pack. Levels are divided into (e) elementary, (i) intermediate and (a) advanced but can be used for any levels in between too.

Some sets with images can be used as quick 5 minute warmers/starters at the beginning of a lesson e.g. lower levels – race to write down as many objects they know from the season cards; or the character cards can be used for “Who am I?” game or to practise questions for personal information. You will sometimes need to pre-teach any necessary vocabulary before and cards can be used again later in free practice. Higher levels can use the culture cards as a basis for a full 1 hour lesson to promote discussion of cultural differences/give opinions, also excellent when practising modal verbs! Try giving advanced students 1 idiom a week to discuss.

“I have used suggested games in the pack and created others from them as well for various levels. It took a short while to get used to how the pack works as the writing is small and there are many options to choose from. I decided to try just one game, then another and I quickly got the hang of it. Now I keep the pack in my teaching bag!!!” – M.

“I’ve found that Colloquy always steals the show, every lesson. Whenever I bring it out the students get really excited and simply love the quality of the cards and the evocative nature of the images. It’s really easy to use and so flexible – Colloquy activities could easily fill a whole English conversation lesson.” – D

This listing is for a single deck of Colloquy Cards; a class pack of 5 decks is also available.