Resilience – Moving forward resolutely



“Keeping on” – Learning a language doesn’t happen overnight, neither do relationships through which God’s message in Christ can be effectively communicated.

On the one hand, long term fruit requires stickability in the growing, but too often we can border on the insane – repeating our actions while hoping for a different outcome. And what to do when there is no fruit? Give up?

We will explore together some of the balance points: sticking to the programme without becoming inflexible, developing perseverance without becoming bitter, fulfilling your calling while building a team. An opportunity to share together what has kept you going in the long haul.

  • Mark Davies

    Mark is a former Principal of Tilsley College and continues as GLO Europe Training Director, involved with helping church leaders develop church-based training. He and his wife Shirley are based at a church re-growth situation in Highgate, London. They served as missionaries in Zambia for twenty years engaging in Bible teaching, developing mission, resourcing infrastructure and HIV/AIDS intervention work before coming to Tilsley College. Mark was also involved in writing and publishing various teaching materials in a Zambian language, Cibemba, and serving on a Bible Translation project for that language. Mark and Shirley have two daughters and...