So Lord, Speak 2



So Lord, Speak 2 is the sequel to So Lord, Speak and has 15 chapters to help you share the story of Jesus. It is designed for busy ESL teachers and aims to communicate the message of the Bible to your English language students, especially lower level learners. Storytelling is as old as time, but resources to help busy ESL teachers communicate their faith effectively seem few and far between.

This book builds on the themes of Creation, De-creation and Re-creation established in So Lord, Speak and, in carefully crafted English and using beautifully designed illustrations, tells the true story of Jesus Christ, God’s long awaited Rescuer. So Lord, Speak 2 can also be used in parallel with our ESL resource, Start to Speak.

If you have used So Lord, Speak …
If your students are ready and waiting to hear how God will finish His plan of salvation…
If you are ready for God’s big story to continue to touch the hearts and transform the lives of your students …

then So Lord, Speak 2 is for you.

  • Link provided to download the symbols and story illustrations at A4 size
  • Storytelling top tips included
  • 15 Bible story transcripts provided
  • Attractive colour illustrations with
    each lesson
  • Chapters tie into Start to Speak topics
  • Discussion questions given
  • Good ESL teaching and good Bible teaching connected

After purchasing the book, you will receive an email with a link to download A4 size versions of the story materials.

Here is a short excerpt of So Lord, Speak author, Jane McNabb, talking about So Lord, Speak and giving a demonstration.The full training video for the book is available to buy on our website if you would like to learn how to tell ‘the Big Story’, hear more of Jane’s insights, and see a full demonstration of one lesson.

A note from the directors

We’re thrilled to see this new resource available for publication. Our vision is to support churches in their outreach to internationals. We have developed our courses with the gracious support of financial partners and try to ensure that the costs of our material are kept as low as possible. Our hope is that this will enable many more people to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus.