Start To Speak



Following in the footsteps of So to Speak, Start to Speak is another highly creative teaching resource from two:nineteen. Containing ten lessons aimed at lower level language learners, it has everything a busy ESL teacher needs to deliver high quality and engaging conversational English lessons. It is full of creative and useful lessons on a range of themes and subjects to catch the attention of your learners.

Saving hours of preparation time, Start to Speak is ideal for lower level learners (A1 to A2 ESoL Entry 1-2) but can be easily adapted to suit higher level learners. whatever your level of experience teaching ESL you will find this an invaluable resource as you seek to help your learners improve their conversational English and grow in confidence. The book contains a wealth of material including:

  • lesson plans for ten 1-hour lessons written by experienced TESOL trainers
  • photocopiable resources for all lessons
  • detachable copies of all materials – just cut out and go!
  • game templates ready for you to create your own versions
  • extension activities containing hours of further class material
  • clear explanation for new or experienced teachers
  • speaking focus for conversational classes
  • focus on fun with colourful and engaging topics
  • adaptable for all levels particularly suitable for beginner to elementary

A note from the directors

We’re thrilled to see this new resource available for publication. Our vision is to support churches in their outreach to internationals. We have developed our courses with the gracious support of financial partners and try to ensure that the costs of our material are kept as low as possible. Our hope is that this will enable many more people to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus.