The upside of drilling


Come along and develop a renewed interest in drilling and hear about the helpful place it has in the classroom.


Rachel has been training teachers for many years and has developed a new love for drilling and the place it has in the classroom.  Rachel will dispel the myth that drilling is out of date and boring in this lively session.

  • Rachel Hatfield

    I have been a teacher for nearly 20 years. I have specialised in teaching ESOL and in teacher training on a range of courses including CELTA and PGCE. Currently, I am teaching ESOL in care homes and I am also teaching Functional Skills English in a family centre to a mix of English and ESOL ladies.
    It’s difficult to pinpoint my most notable cross-cultural experience. Every time I start a new group I think “this is the most interesting group I’ve ever had”! Memorable points over the years have included working with Afghan refugees, teaching a group of young men from Abu Dhabi who had no concept of working on your own (even in an exam!) and certainly my work with Romanian and Bulgarian care workers in the past few years has been very enjoyable and enlightening.