This is Mohammed, and he’s from Babylon in Iraq. He moved to Croydon in December 2015, and he attends the Vineyard English School there. Mohammed and his wife are both doctors, and he has worked in many different countries: Angola, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Soviet Union and Yemen. He brought medical aid to people in need. Mohammed’s wife came to the UK ten years before he did, whilst he was working in Libya and Syria. As soon as his visa came through, he came and joined her here. They are not able to work as doctors in the UK, and so Mohammed is now retired.
During Mohammed’s first year living in Croydon, he attended an ESOL course with CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning and Training). But whenever he tried to apply for his second year on the course, he was informed that it would be a lot more expensive. He wasn’t working, and so couldn’t afford to attend it. That’s when CALAT told him about the Vineyard English School, which was meeting in the library – part of the same building! Mohammed started attending. He finds that the lessons at the Vineyard English school and CALAT are very similar, which he likes.
Mohammed enjoys making progress in his English, in grammar and conversation. He is thankful for his teachers at Vineyard English School because they are so helpful.