2:19 is governed by a board of trustees, a group of people who also support the mission to encourage churches to reach out to international people within their communities.

  • David Dryer

    David Dryer has advised 2:19 on strategy for several years. He is a retired management consultant with a record of voluntary service to churches and Christian organisations. He served on the UK Board of Serving in Mission (SIM) for 25 years of which 6 were as Chairman. He was a founder member of the International board where he served for 12 years.  For SIM, he has conducted major reviews of financial systems and of overall strategy; he has provided on-site consultancy to mission activities in South America, Africa and Asia. A Cambridge history graduate, he has also...
  • Diana Juckes

    Diana was born in Uganda & raised in Fiji. She worked for several years as a nurse/midwife in a Church hospital in S.W. Uganda. In 1990 she married Johnny, a minister in the Church of England. Together they have served in churches in Kent, London & the edge of Hull. They are now based at Oak Hill Theological College in North London. They are blessed to have 5 adult children & 4 grandkids.
  • Esther Houghton

    Esther grew up in Zurich and heard about God's work around the globe first hand from an early age. She learnt English to work in a Scottish hospital in Nazareth, Israel, where she met her husband Mark - she is still a learner. Back in Sheffield she was involved with international students for over 25 years which worked well while raising 3 children. She has been teaching English to Non-British women in Galeed house where people from any minority are welcome. As we learn from each other we share lives and beliefs as friends..
  • Mike Sohn

    Myung, usually called Mike, is a British-born, South Korean; born and raised in and around London. After studying Economics, he spent a few years in finance before becoming a ministry trainee for a church in South-West London. From there he helped a church plant in Central London before moving onto study theology at Oak Hill College. He is currently in his final year there and is hoping to head into pastoral ministry. He is married to Jemima and together they have a daughter, Rachel. Mike loves the Lord Jesus, playing sports (especially football) and loves eating food.
  • Sheila Stephen (Chair)

    Sheila's academic background is in Biblical Studies, Social Theory & Institutions and Counselling. She is a professional counsellor, clinical supervisor and trainer. She has written materials for youth and children’s ministry for several years and has run training courses in a variety of settings. She has many years of experience in women’s ministry in local churches and at a national level; and has authored numerous articles on pastoral care and women’s and children’s issues. She has been an innovator and pioneer in the voluntary sector and is Trustee for a number of charities, formerly of...