Who We Are

2:19 is part of Serving in Mission and is run by David and Maura Baldwin, under the direction of an advisory committee.

  • David Baldwin

    David was born and brought up the sleepy Berkshire countryside but soon discovered that there was a bigger world out there, which quickly got into his system. The assorted results of this, more or less in order, were a passion for China, a GAP year in Ethiopia, finding and marrying mission-minded Maura, Bible College training in Belfast and 11 years of ministry in Ethiopia with SIM. Since our family needs brought us back to the UK, we have served as International Workers at Carey Baptist Church, Reading, and David has been lecturing in mission at Oak Hill College, London, where we now live. When re-charging, David can often be found with his headphones on, in tatty old clothes, listening to the radio, alone with his thoughts down in the shed with the family dogs round his feet.

  • Maura Baldwin

    Maura, together with her children and her husband David, worked in Ethiopia with Serving In Mission for 11 years. On their return to Reading in 2007 they had the privilege of setting up an international outreach project from Carey Baptist Church with the aim of serving the local community.
    They rejoined Serving in Mission in 2012 to develop two:nineteen, a project supporting and equipping local churches to meet the needs of their international communities while also looking at cultural/biblical issues within the church.
    They love the diversity and richness that multicultural Reading offers and the opportunities they have to share their faith.

    Maura loves family holidays, fast cars and hot tubs in the snow!

  • Marina Swainston-Harrison

    Marina joined the 2:19 team in April 2017. She is based near Reading with her family. Marina is our Lead Specialist for church-based ESL provision and is responsible for co-ordination, support and development of ESL conversation classes and ICaf initiatives run out of UK local churches. Originally from South Africa with a culturally mixed heritage, she brings with her a deep love for foreign languages and peoples as well as her experience in teaching English and Spanish. She believes as we build relationships, people will be drawn to Jesus in us. Marina teaches at and helps manage one of 2:19’s Bridges English schools as well as the International café.

  • Jemima Sohn

    Jemima is the latest 2:19 team member, joining in September 2017, working one day a week as administrator having previously worked in events, finance and as a PA . Jemima is married to Mike, a second generation British Korean, who is currently training at Oak Hill College. Together they have been experiencing cross-cultural marriage and relationships first hand which Jemima has found beneficial to her understanding and input in her role with 2:19. She also enjoys baking, doing creative things and going for walks in the countryside.

  • Hillary Wilkinson

    I’m currently at Oak Hill College, London, where my husband is training to be a pastor and I am taking the opportunity to do some study as well. I work part-time with Maura Baldwin on the two:nineteen project, looking to resource people in their outreach to internationals.

    When I lived in France for a year, I can remember feeling vulnerable and child-like when I first arrived, but soon realised that even a smile from a stranger could really help. This fuelled a desire to help internationals back in the UK and gave me the confidence to believe that a little kindness can go a long way. Of course knowing the Lord is huge motivation as we know he is the Saviour of the nations and we have the privilege of holding out the word of life to internationals.
    In the summer I love getting out into the countryside with my husband for a walk and a picnic. In the winter, I’m more likely to occupy a comfy sofa in a café with a weekend newspaper and large latte!

    I think there’s often a lot of fear surrounding the issue of how we can each personally enlarge our cross-cultural outreach, but at a basic level it probably starts by aiming to be a good neighbour and friend. Smiling at our neighbours, asking how they are or asking about their family are all fairly simple steps that don’t require a lot of courage but who knows where that might lead? It’s about being prayerfully intentional in the day-to-day, in the places God has put us.