This book is about finding ways of communicating truth to people in ways that they can relate to. The author states: ‘we don’t need to make the Bible relevant. It already is relevant. All we want to do is communicate the message of the Bible to people in their context’. If you’re considering ways that your church can engage with the local community in a friendship-based way, then this book is for you. Practical, succinct and visionary, it presents the great potential of using café-style events for gospel outreach.


Since ‘the best way of communicating truth is for human beings to talk to one another’, cafés provide the perfect opportunity to engage on a personal level with those in our communities. Some choose to do this by running a coffee shop from their church whilst others meet in a local café to study the Bible in small groups. Cafés are also the ideal venue for hosting Q&A style events, or a visiting speaker. With a little bit of planning and a creative mind, there are endless opportunities for evangelism, and Quench: Café Culture and Evangelism will help you think through the necessary practicalities of starting up such a venture.


Quench is available through Solas- Centre for Public Christianity and on Amazon.


Author: David Robertson

Publisher: Solas- Centre for Public Christianity

ISBN: 978-0-9930832-0-4