Sow to Reap – Digital Copy



Are you increasingly aware of people from other parts of the world living near your church?
Would you like to be better neighbours and reach out to them effectively?
Is there a need for English language learning to help internationals integrate into the community?
Could your church – or a group of local churches together – set something up?

Sow to Reap will provide all you need to think about setting up English Language Classes or International Cafés (iCafs) as outreach opportunities, and will guide you through the process. Whether you decide on running classes, or meeting informally in a local café, this book will be with you each step of the way with stories, guidelines, advice, and photocopiable forms and questionnaires.

Once your classes are established, Sow to Reap will encourage you to keep improving and will help you make this church-based outreach more and more effective.

Delivery & Licence

This book is delivered as a downloadable PDF file.