Knock, knock, who’s there?


How can we relate to people cross-culturally through our personal friendships or even by considering the challenge and opportunity of door-to-door work?


This seminar will look at ways of relating with our international friends and neighbours through personal friendship, hospitality but also to consider making an initial contact as a result of door-to-door work.

Libby will also help us to develop the skills needed to have those deeper conversations about Christianity, that we all want.  She has a plethora of personal stories to share with us, from her experience of living in multicultural communities.

  • Libby Hayes

    I live in Wall Heath, West Midlands and am married with 3 children and 8 grandchildren!

    At the close of 2009 my husband and I returned from Lebanon where we were serving with MECO for 10 and half years.  During our time there as part of our ministry we taught English to the young people in the Evangelical Schools and was also involved in teaching English to women mainly from a Muslim background.

    Since back in UK we have been involved in door to door ministry in the West Midlands, in areas we which are populated mainly by other ethnic peoples.

    I enjoy walking, baking, entertaining and having fun with the grandchildren!

    I guess to find one significant cultural moment is quite a hard task as I can think of many.  Years ago we worked in a remote area of West Papua and a moment that comes to mind is not knowing where our youngest child of 3 years had crept off to, only to find her eventually in a Dani hut with her mouth reddened by the local delicacy – Tawi or Pandanus!  Maybe that’s why her language skills were so good!