“Mary did you know…” Christmas Lesson Plan



English level

The lesson plan is specifically aimed at Intermediate / Upper-int English level students.


This lesson would work well for classes which last for 1 hr 50 mins (with a break after an hour). Alternatively, it could be taught over two x 1 hour long lessons.


The plan outlines a range of learner activities which provide opportunities for students to practise listening and reading comprehension as well as develop past tense storytelling skills. Resources are also included such as song words, tools for concept checking and teaching material for discussing 3 biblical miracles that are referred to in the song:

• Jesus heals a man born blind
• Jesus calms the storm
• Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Each miracle includes a beautiful line drawing illustration. Questions included provide opportunity for extended conversation.

There are also some ideas for a follow-on evangelistic session.

Tried and tested by several TESOL/CELTA trained teachers, to good effect.

Customer reviews

“I used a portion of the lesson plan and found the part ‘introduce song’ extremely helpful. It has questions helping the teacher to elicit who the song is being sung to and who it is about. We had a good discussion about this as part of an Intermediate conversation class. It led me to asking students what they thought about the man Jesus, our Saviour, as opposed to the baby Jesus and his mother Mary. The song was a brilliant conduit for this”

Marina Swainston-Harrison, Reading

Delivery & Licence

This lesson plan is delivered as a downloadable PDF file.

The lesson plan and sheets can be reused and reprinted as required, but usage is limited to classes at one church-based ESL initiative only. You may not share, redistribute, or resell this product.

The lesson plan is Copyright TwoNineteen 2016.

The PDF is 11 pages.

Additional Resources

It is recommended that teachers use the Pentatonix version of this song below, as the words are very clearly articulated.

It can be downloaded as an mp3 here:
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