So To Speak



“This is the book I wish I’d had when I and other volunteers started an English group for newcomers to the UK. The topics are just what lower level students need and the notes enable anyone with little or no teaching experience to present the material without too much hard work. That has already been done by the authors! A great resource.”

Elizabeth Giles MA DELTM, previously Principal of Central Language School, Cambridge.


A must-have teaching aid for busy ESL teachers, So to Speak is a ground-breaking new resource where all the materials you need for ten lessons are included as detachable pages. Saving hours of preparation time, So to Speak makes teaching and learning achievable for anyone. It fills a gap in the market for resources that focus on speaking and can be used by teachers of any level of experience. The book contains a wealth of material including

  • lesson plans for ten 1-hour lessons written by experienced TESOL trainers
  • photocopiable resources for all lessons
  • detachable copies of all materials – just cut out and go!
  • game templates ready for you to create your own versions
  • extension activities containing hours of further class material
  • clear explanation for new or experienced teachers
  • speaking focus for conversational classes
  • focus on fun with colourful and engaging topics
  • adaptable for all levels particularly suitable for elementary to intermediate