Tips for Prayer Support



Advice on how to gain prayer support for your English Language Classes and keep your church updated.

  • Marina Swainston-Harrison

    Marina was brought up in sub-tropical, colourful Durban, South Africa. She moved to the UK with her husband Grant in 1998. Their 3 sons were born in London where they lived for 11 years before moving to Reading. They loved the cultural mix of London – languages and foods – and thought they would lose that in a smaller town but not in Reading! Marina has a rich Jewish-Greek heritage and has lived and worked on four continents, mostly in Spanish-speaking countries. She taught English and Spanish for many years and joined the Bridges English team in Reading in 2013. She now works with 2:19 on ESL provision and development. Marina also loves the arts, reading and baking for the boys. Her best is coffee with her husband Grant and family walks in the countryside.

  • Natasha Burt

    Natasha lives with her husband Pete and three kids in Croydon, South London. Natasha has always loved travelling and spent six months on a kibbutz before going to university to study French and Spanish. After getting married, she worked with the mission organisation SIM before moving to Boston, USA, for two years with Pete’s job. Whilst they were there, Natasha taught as an ESOL teacher. On their return, they lived in a little North Yorkshire village before going to work with SIM in Ethiopia in 2008 for three years, where Natasha worked as a French teacher. On their return, Natasha set up English classes for women which are based at and supported by her church, Emmanuel Church in South Croydon. Natasha loves reading, cooking, partying, writing, and doing cultural stuff!