Bedrocks for teaching pronunciation


Practical tools and fresh ideas for teaching pronunciation, beyond simple ‘listen and repeat’ activities.


Good pronunciation is essential in language learning, and yet so often we resort to simple ‘listen and repeat’ style activities with our learners- which don’t seem to make much difference to their hard-set habits. What can we do to change this?

This seminar is for anyone who feels they would benefit from some practical tools and fresh ideas for teaching pronunciation to learners of English. Topics will include how to raise awareness of sound perception/production, hands-on approaches to encouraging clear speech, and plenty of resource ideas for you to take away. The session will be practical and engaging and there will be lots of thinking, talking and having-a-go!

  • Emma Croft

    Emma Scott

    Emma has been fascinated with all things language-related for as long as she can remember. This love of languages lead to her studying a degree in Spanish and English linguistics and it was during this time that she became involved with English teaching at Bridges in Reading. She quickly realised what a unique opportunity for friendship and outreach English teaching provides, and decided to follow her degree with a Masters in TESOL at Reading University. ‘Phonetics and phonology’ was by far her favourite module as it finally answered some of her many accent/pronunciation questions! Emma now works...