Error correction: Why, When and How



Teachers and helpers alike can impact student learning and confidence with one magic methodology: error correction. Responding to student mistakes in positive, constructive ways at the right moment will reinforce student learning, build up their confidence, and demonstrate the value of each person in God’s eyes. We will explore why we should (or shouldn’t) correct, when to correct, and how to correct in effective ways.

  • Kathy Baxter

    Kathy Baxter first started teaching English to Bosnian refugees in Chicago in the mid-90’s, and then completed her MA in Intercultural Studies and TESOL. After 4 years of working with Bosnians in the US, the doors opened for Kathy to move to Sarajevo, Bosnia, in 2000 as a worker with International Teams. During her five years there, she helped establish a language school in the heart of the professional community in Sarajevo, teaching general English and business English to professionals and government workers. Since moving to the UK in 2005 she has worked in pre-field training for cross-cultural workers and coordinated English classes at a local church in Southall, west London. She first became involved in teacher training through International Training Network in 2008. As a freelance teacher trainer, she loves equipping volunteer teachers in churches to serve in their communities, and often conducts training seminars for churches.

    When Kathy was learning the Bosnian language during her time in Sarajevo, she found that she learned best when drinking coffee in her neighbour’s kitchen, listening to this Bosnian “auntie” tell stories from her own childhood. Coffee chats and language study are a perfect combination, in her opinion.