Technology or none? A technophobe talks…



Every learner is different…and every teaching situation is different.  This talk considers some of the possibilities that technology has to offer, whether you teach in a fully digital classroom, in a community hall or under a tree…
Technology is all around us – digital literacy is essential for life in Britain – it is not an optional extra.  Whatever technology you are able to use in your lessons, and comfortable with using, come and share your ideas and experience with other teachers and take away some specific activities and ideas to explore with your learners.

  • Rachel Thake

    Volunteer ESL Consultant
    Rachel put her toes in the EFL/ESOL waters, teaching as a CMS volunteer for two years in Kenya. She returned with two life-changing discoveries: firstly that teaching is her vocation and secondly with a soon-to-be-husband as a permanent "souvenir". Since then she has taught in a wide range of contexts - from toddlers to 80+, from Derby to Chiang Mai, from Nepal to China.