What’s your Worldview?


What are worldviews? How do we go about understanding one?


What are worldviews? How do we go about understanding one? Dan will look at some of the worldviews we may come across in our cross-cultural relationships and explore the opportunity this provides to consider big questions such as what is true about God.

  • Dan Strange

    I am Vice-Principal and lecturer at Oak Hill Theological College in North London. I am also an elder at East Finchley Baptist Church.

    At Oak Hill I teach in the area of culture and apologetics. This includes courses on ethnicity, and Christian engagement with other religions. As an elder of EFBC we run an English language class. I should also add that my own ethnicity is half British and half indo-Guyanese.

    When I have a day off, I like to spend it watching West Ham United play football, listening to music or spending time with my wife and seven kids (not in that order of priority of course!)

    In my experience, I am convinced that we could each personally do much to enlarge cross-cultural outreach within our communities, such as make real friendships, offer hospitality and take time to listen and learn about different worldviews and how different cultures work.