“Teach English. If necessary, use words.”



All too often, visual aids are employed in the EFL classroom because they’re there, and not necessarily because they’re needed. Knowing if, when and how to use visual aids in the EFL classroom, and precisely what visual aids to use, can have a big impact of the effectiveness of a lesson.

In this seminar we’ll examine the purpose of visual aids within an EFL setting, discuss their usefulness, look at some visual aids you might not have thought of using in the past, and at how modern technology is shaping the visual aids of the future.

When it comes to thinking of new ideas for visual aids, there’s nothing better than an EFL staffroom (or the “ideas factory”, as I call it!) So, we’ll also make some time to have a go at creating your own visual aids based on a set of circumstances – the purpose being not only to use the advice you will receive during the seminar, but also to share your hints and tips with other delegates and learn something from them too!