Ten Animation (whole series) Bundle

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A ten-part series of Bible stories. Each video ends by gradually building up the bigger picture of the gospel: God’s plan for us in Jesus – the perfect gift, sacrifice and rescuer.

Hearing of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is a new concept to many. In this series, the background of the concept of sacrifice and what this means is retold though ten Old Testament stories, to give the bigger picture of God’s amazing gift to us in Christ, and the relationship he offers us.

Jane McNabb’s beautiful script faithfully retells the Bible stories in clear and simple language to make them accessible to all.

The series includes:

  • Creation
  • Adam and Eve
  • The Fall
  • Cain and Abel
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • Moses
  • The Red Sea
  • The Ten Commandments
  • David

Corresponds to and can be used with So Lord Speak


“I showed one of the animations to family members … They were spellbound … They were so quiet at the end for a moment as it all sank in.”